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  • Access to the services through the app EXPOWL*
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*Access to services Expowl "Standart": the catalogue of participants, Access to virtual booths, Services messenger and video chat to communicate with participants , exchange of business cards, Matching the automatic selection of franchises, the organizer, the planner of the exhibition, Push notifications for scheduled events and meetings.

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Next Level of Exhibition Industry


Next Level of Exhibition Industry

On May 20th EMTG company, organizer of the International Franchise Exhibition BUYBRAND Expo and Licensing Salon, presented an innovative exhibition platform, “EXPOWL”, designed to increase efficiency of the Exhibition.

Due to “EXPOWL” exhibitors and visitors will be presented at the Exhibition both online and offline with similar opportunities.


  • Widens visitors’ geography
  • Engages significantly more entrepreneurs to attend exhibition and business program
  • Increases dramatically quantity of contacts and conversion out of participation
  • Provides new perspectives for promoting and searching business concepts

For the first time the Platform will be launched within the framework of BUYBRAND Expo and Licensing Salon.

“EXPOWL” for participants

  1. Matching service will provide automated search of the right people according to requirements
  2. Remoted access to the exhibitor’s booth for visitors via messenger or video-chart
  3. 3D interactive branded booth with opportunity to download presentation materials (video, photo, leaflet, etc.)
  4. Visualization of the franchise store
  5. Video broadcast from the booth
  6. Download visitors’ business cards for further communication
  7. Manager’s job uation by visitors
  8. Etc

“EXPOWL” for visitors:

  1. Strong presence effect for online visitors due to video broadcast from exhibitors’ stands and conference halls
  2. Matching service - automated search of franchises according to requirements
  3. Messenger and video chat will help to negotiate with exhibitors or to settle a meeting
  4. With the help of personal organizer each visitor will be able to save companies’ profiles, to schedule meetings, business Forum events and to receive push notifications.
  5. Evaluate manager’s service

Brand for rent, or how to turn your fame to account

Brand for rent, or how to turn your fame to account

On 23-25 September Moscow held the Second International Brand and Image Licensing Salon. The salon took place simultaneously with BUYBRAND Expo, an international franchising business exhibition, with the support from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Russian licensing market experiences steady growth – in the next 2-3 years the number of products with famous characters' images on the shelves of Russian shops will increase by at least 12%. These estimations were made before the introduction of sanctions and counter embargo. The latest events will most probably lead to the increase of Russian products share as a whole and Russian licensed products share on the shelves of Russian retail networks. These are the predictions voiced at the recent business forum "Brand for Rent: Russian Licensing Market", which turned out to be an important part of the Licensing Salon.

The major topics of discussion at the forum were: "How to choose a licensed brand depending on the target audience of your product", "How to plan the launch and estimate the potential of the licensing history", "Legal aspects of licensing cooperation", "How to implement a royalty monitoring program", and many others.

The forum gathered at the round tables and seminars some of the Russian and international experts in licensing market as well as marketing and legal consultants, such as the special guest of the Licensing Salon, managing partner of Licensing Brands, Inc. Pete Canalichio, Trade Marketing Department Director at EvereST-S CJSC Roman Rubanov, Licensing Director at Disney Russia Denis Kulakov, Pepelayev Group legal services representatives, Marketing Director at Golder Electronics (Vitek, Maxwell, Coolfort and Rondell brands) Mina Hachatryan, representatives from Makheev, Adamas and Samsonite, and others.

Companies such as Disney Russia, Continental Hockey League, Flying Animals, Life Line and WWF received considerable attention from the visitors, manufacturers and franchising companies alike, to their brands and images. A CHL representative mentioned that the League had already had a number of negotiations resulting from its participation in the exhibition and is expecting to conclude a number of licensing contracts. The WWF brand sparkled interest among walking gear, cosmetics and jewelry manufacturers and a famous Russian fitness center. The representatives of the first non-profit media brand Flying Animals have also conducted initial negotiations with potential licensees from Kaliningrad, Belarus, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Even today licensing is a profitable business for the brand owners as well as for Russian manufacturers. But this is just the beginning. "Marketing consultants who realize that the market is extremely volatile and rapidly changing, and a license allows to quickly generate additional value, will dive deep into the subject pretty soon; there are, without a doubt, huge perspectives for licensing projects," said Mina Hachatryan, Marketing Director at Golder Electronics.

The organizer: EMTG /

Web-sites of the projects: and

Contacts: +7 (495) 249 11 09, e-mail:

EMTG and The Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry run seminar on licensing

EMTG and The Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry run seminar on licensing

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Russian Federation become a venue for a seminar entitled Licensing as an Instrument of Communication between Commercial, Social, Cultural and Government Projects and the Public. The seminar was run on March 5 jointly by the EMTG Company and the CCI as a prelude to the upcoming Licensing Salon, an international event devoted to brand and image licensing, to be held in Moscow, September 23–25.

The event was attended by Igor Korotin, Director of the Russian CCI's Department of Exhibitions, Fairs and Congresses; Ekaterina Soyak, EMTG General Director; Denis Kulakov, Consumer Goods Manager at Disney Russia; Natalya Zolotykh, Vice-President at OPORA of Russia, an all-Russian non-governmental organization of small and medium businesses; and Marina Semenikhina, Partner at Brand Extensions Russia JJP.

The Russian licensing market is experiencing a real boom, and even though, according to various estimates, its current volume amounts from $1.5 to 2 billion, it may soar up to $6 to 7 billion in the years to come. It is a promising area that allows manufacturers not only to acquire rights to use famous brands but also to generate greater revenue through them Igor Korotin also pointed out that this is also a path that might potentially facilitate a civilized breakthrough of Russian brands and, consequentially, products of Russian manufacturers, the Russian industry and the country's overall image, to the global market.

According to Denis Kulakov, the most popular licensing areas include characters, fashion, sports, symbols of educational institutions and brand names. Footwear, clothing and accessories make up 40% of the products.

In 2013, the international licensing market volume reached $240 billion. 45% of the sales are shared by merely 10 major players. Denis Kulakov highlighted that about half of all the toys are currently sold under a license. Character licensing accounts for 47% of the market; brand names for 17%; fashion for 14%.

In Russia, the share of licensed products in the consumption pattern is insignificant, amounting to 0.2% of the money spent by Russian consumers. However, as the consumption pattern is changing, the range of licensed products in various areas is also expanding. All of this will boost the annual market growth by about 16%.


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