Township is android based game and it is available on play store. The game is free of cost but some of elements are purchased by real money or promotion based. Simply you can download on your mobile and start playing. The current version of game is 6.2.0. Build a beautiful town with many building, animals, farms etc. cut down your stress by playing this game. For better playing experience you just read all the tips for it.


  1. Farming tips

Game consists of different types of farms and farming play very crucial role in game. How to crops and farms are cultivated. You enhance your level by farming. Some of crops take long time to finish so you take fast growing crops. Crops like wheat and corn take a few times for ready. Crops are a great source of coins and you can sell them easily. It is easy ways to make coins in game.

  1. Township cash and coins

Township two forms of currency namely coins and T-cash. Complete your order and make the more coins. The helicopter takes orders from locals of town. It is easy to complete first order. You need to escape any order which takes more than 2 hours to complete. Some of investments plan make your T-cash double. If you went to purchase T-cash then you wait for special discounts also by using Township Hack.

  1. Make friends on township

Connect with your friends by social media. Today many of games are connected with social media, game developer increase their user. You can play with your friends or random user and make friends. This is additional feature also add all the games. You can send any gifts and coins to your friends and more goods sell at the town. Add some real life friends on game list.

  1. Upgrade for level up

Long time you play on same level you will feel, it’s boring. You can upgrade it. When you upgrade many of new task and things are added. It may be more complex but increase your intellectual thoughts and ready for make quick decisions.

Start making your town and expand imagination.




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