In the gaming world, you can meet with many types of mobile games, but it is not easy to find the best one. For all those people who want to play a strategy based game, Elex Wireless creates their best game, and it is called Clash of Kings. It is a free game, and you also get the option of in-app purchase to use the real amount of money in it. You can meet with many of epic battles and characters in a single platform. If you want to be the best player in it, then make a better strategy before playing it.

Build more buildings 

Buildings play an essential role in the game, and you have to work hard to build many of new buildings to make the town perfect. You can earn the extra points by making the needy places first. Try to work as a real king and give the citizens all facilities by making the hospitals and training centers first. Moreover, it is important to train the weak soldiers in the training centers to make the powerful army. After the battles, it is your responsibility to give the medical treatment to all injured soldiers. When you do work to make the people happy, then they will help you with all the works.

Use the college

If you want to make a perfect town, then you have to use the new techniques. The only way to learn new techniques is the colleges. You should build the collages and give the opportunities to your citizens to get some knowledge from there.  It is important to upgrade these places time by time to get the new ideas to make the town perfect. You have to work like the real king and give your best to make your empire best.

In Clash of Kings, it is important for every player to spend the currency on the army. It is best to play the game more and collect the huge amount of currency.  Try to learn the best ways to earn by using the YouTube videos and with Clash Of Kings Hack.



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