Jurassic World Alive is the best simulation game for everyone. Ludia launches the game for Android or IOS both; it requires 4.4 versions in your android device. If you are searching a game with full of dinosaurs and missions, then it is an idle game for you to play. Use the guide to know the controls or rules, watch the videos to see the tutorial for it.

In Jurassic World Alive you have to select a dinosaur to start it, after all these steps you will get the option to build a team by collecting dinosaurs.  Aim in it to protect your dinosaurs from other players. You have to manage all the elements of the game like Pokemon Go; you can feel the graphics like the real world. You must find the dinosaurs by walking around the real world; you can use the map for finding the dinosaurs.  If you want to collect the dinosaurs, then you have to gather DNA samples just like the movie of Jurassic Park. The word Jurassic park is popular, because of the kids. The game is all about the dinosaurs that are why every kid likes to play it. It is the good source of the entertainment for children because they like to do these missions of dinosaurs or battles with others. Kids can get the more knowledge about the types of dinosaurs at home by playing it.

Cost to play

You can easily download it from the play store without any cost, but many payable options are also available in it.

  • You have the opportunity to buy more cash in the game by spending real money.
  • Real cash works as the exchange for coin or darts.
  • If you want to skip some steps or open arenas, then with the help of paying money you can do it easily.
  • You can earn the cash in the game, or you can buy those coins by spending 95.99 £.
  • You can also take free rewards by complete the missions.

You can also take VIP membership, to unlock all the dinosaurs or get the longer battery backup for the drone. For it, you have to pay approximately 9.99$ per month. Moreover, it the Jurassic World Alive you don’t get many options to buy the things for progress, so keep trying to play the game by yourself.

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