One of the top most popular game on Android and iOS developed by Kiloo. After releasing this game, it gained huge popularity within a few weeks. Subway surfers is based on quite a simple concept; a user only needs to run on railway tracks. Avoid obstacles and one Cop who is also running behind with his dog. While running collect lots of coins you can because that’s how new cloths, players, skateboards and many more things. There are plenty of ways to unlock and hack subway surfers also the safest way.


Subway Surfers game’s purpose is to run as far as possible and avoid every kind of obstacles and run endlessly. The rewards depend upon your running distance, and while running, you will get to collect many types of power-ups too.


§  Coin magnet – It attracts coins does matter which lane you are running or flying in the air; it will attract coins from every angle you are running through.

§  Jetpacks – This power allows a player to fly in the air with the help of jet in this back. It is a temporary power and ends after 10-15 seconds.

§  2x multiple – Multiplies your coins into double. If you have five coins, it will count 10 with the help of this power.

§  Power jumper – With power, you can jump very high for a limited time period but helps in avoid obstacles too.

§   Super sneakers – From this power, your character will run while jumping, and if you swipe ahead, your character will make a huge jump instantly.

§  Mega headstart – One of the most favorite power-ups among all, start with super high jet pack and fly for a long time.  

All these power-ups are so helpful, and with hack subway surfers you can have all in unlimited quantity.