Ultimate Guide to Episode – Choose your Story

There are many fantasy simulation games in the market but no one can beat Episode – Choose your story in this genre. This game is something unreal and it is so satisfying playing this game and it I more like playing in that particular story. You’ll surely dive into the virtual world and start playing stories in-game and you can even play with other players. Developed by Episode Interactive, this game can be played on an Android and iOS platforms. This game comes in handy when it comes to the size of this game which is very less for a compactable device and it comes with such amazing graphics and super cool graphics.

There are many things that you should take care of while playing this game. So, here we’ve come up with some tips and tricks for you guys to get started. So let’s get to it –

Currency system

Well, developers have added 2 main currencies in this game that are gems and passes. Let’s talk about these –

•    Gems – These are the primary currency that you can earn in-game and it is used as an in-game currency by trying Episode cheats 2018. If you’re one of the most of those people finding free-ways and easy ways to earn these ten stop looking as there is nothing you can do about these. You’ve to work hard in order to be a better player.

•    Passes – These are the secondary currency but these are much more helpful and if you ever run out of these then your gems can be converted into passes. These are important to unlock choices in an episode whereas gems are used to unlock episodes.

How to make your own story?

You have to come up with something real and you can make your story once you’re clear about your plot. You can make your story by getting into the menu present at top left corner and get to the creator studios where you can make your own story. Try to be real every time and trust me you will end up making a really nice story.


You can even get a lot of new things that you can get from making your stories and once you’ve gained enough popularity in this work. Then people will start loving your work and in this feature of this game and it will let you earn a lot of rewards by using Episode hack.

I hope you like this guide.