You can download the Battlelands Royale game free of cost on your mobile. If you are a new player, then try your action kills in mind- bowing battle game. In the game, you can see many interesting cartoon characters which will win your heart. The currency in the game also has an interesting factor, and you have to give your effort to earn more battle bucks or by getting Battlelands Royale Hack.

Grab the drops

It is not easy for anyone to collect the drops from the airplanes, because all 32 players try to get the drops by attacking other players. In this situation the chances of encounter increases, but if you get success in collect the best weapons, then it becomes easy for you to kill many of enemies at the single moment. You can see many of things in the drop, but you should always try to collect all your needy items first.

In the early situations try to collect the shields to add extra layers of your health. You can check your remaining health power at the bottom of your mobile screen. After these, you should find the rifle because it is not possible to fight with 32 players without any weapon.  Try to go more close to the supply drops and collect the high-quality guns. If there are many more players are standing on the dropping place, then kill those enemies first to grab all of the things easily.

Wait for the right moment      

Don’t try to kill the opponents carelessly; it is not a shooting game, so wait for the right moment to save health in the game. After the loot process tries to find the safe place first to check all weapons list and use the best weapon.

Things to pick       

On the situation to select the items you should try to pick the guns of same categories because it is helpful for you when you don’t have ammo.   Always try to search the useful items in small places, because no one goes there.

These all tips can help you to improve your performance in the Battlelands Royale.

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